Illinois Resident Apply for Florida Non-Resident License

How can a Illinois residents apply for a Florida non-resident license to carry concealed? Florida will issue licenses for concealed carry to Illinois residents. In fact, the Florida concealed carry license allows Illinois residents to carry concealed in Florida and 28 additional states.

Your Illinois concealed carry license allows you to carry in Illinois as well as 27 other states. There is of course some overlap, and some states have constitutional carry as well. However with a combination of the Illinois resident concealed carry license and the Florida non-resident concealed weapons license, you may carry in 37 total states. Important note, this is known as reciprocity and reciprocity can and sometimes does change.


What do I need before applying

Before you apply for your Florida concealed carry license you will first need to take a recognized firearm safety class and demonstrate competency with a firearm. The certified instructor then issues you a certificate which you would provide to Florida when applying. The Alpha Koncepts concealed carry class as well as the Alpha Pistol Basics class both meet Florida standards. You can check out our training calendar to sign up for a class.

In addition to your training certificate, you will also need to provide the following…

  • Finger prints – Unlike Illinois, Fingerprints are required for the Florida Concealed Carry License. For Florida, Fingerprints must be taken by sworn law enforcement. Continue reading for more information and options about how to obtain your fingerprints.
  • Photograph – A 2″x 2″ passport-type photograph is required. The photograph must be in color and printed on photo-quality paper.
Florida Concealed Weapon License Template - apply for florida non-resident license

Am I eligible for a Florida Concealed Carry License?

If you are an Illinois resident thinking of applying for a Florida non-resident concealed carry license, the eligibility requirements for a Florida Concealed Carry License are as follows…

  • 21 years of age
  • Taken a firearm training class and demonstrate competency with a firearm.
  • No felony convictions, unless your rights have been restored.
  • No violent crimes including misdemeanors within the last thee-years.
  • No convitions or multiple arrests for drug use.
  • Not have two or more Driving Under the Influence convicions within the last three years.
  • Not a patient in a mental institution or a mental incompetant.
  • No domestic violence.
  • Has not renounced your United States Citizenship.
  • Has not been dishonorably discharged from the US Armed Forces.
  • Is not a fugitive from Justice (no warrants).

For your convenience, Florida has an online anonymous eligibility questionnaire that you can complete before applying for your Florida non-resident concealed carry license to check your eligibility.

Methods to apply for a Florida Non-resident Concealed Carry License

Florida allows non-residents to apply for their concealed weapons license through a number of methods including online, by mail, or even in person.

To apply for the Florida non-resident license online, visit,

To apply by mail you would need to order or download the application and the application instructions.

To Apply in person you would need to visit a Florida Department of Agriculture Regional office or a Florida Tax Collector office. If applying in person, bring a photo ID and a copy of your firearm training certificate.

Fingerprint Requirements for Florida Concealed Carry License

Fingerprints are a requirement to be included with the Florida concealed weapons application. Florida allows both digitals as well as traditional ink prints. However, there are some additional requirements when providing those fingerprints.

If you wish to provide digital fingerprints with your Florida concealed weapons application, those fingerprints must be taken by Florida law enforcement. The Florida Department of Agriculture states that nearly all of the Florida county sheriffs will provide digital fingerprints, and many local Florida police departments as well. If you are visiting Florida we recommend calling around first and especially making an appointment if necessary. Illinois law enforcement can not provide digital fingerprints for the Florida concealed weapons application.

If applying in person at a tax collector or the Department of Ag. regional office, they may provide fingerprints on site. Call first.

Where to get Finger Prints for Florida CCL in Illinois

While Illinois law enforcement agencies can not provide digital fingerprints for the Florida non-resident concealed weapons license, Illinois law enforcement can provide traditional ink prints. Traditional ink prints must be completed on a standard FBI Finger Print card. Some law enforcement agencies may provide these cards, or you may purchase the FBI Standard Fingerprint Cards on Amazon.

Not all Illinois law enforcement agencies will provide you with fingerprints. At one point in time, the village of Niles was my go-to for fingerprinting. However, due to Covid, they have shut down fingerprint operations. It is unknown if or when they shall resume fingerprinting for the Florida license. However, as of 2021, the following departments were conducting fingerprint operations:

  • Melrose Park
  • Franklin Park
  • Dupage Sheriffs
  • Wheaton
  • Palatine

It is a good idea to contact these departments individually to verify that they are still providing fingerprint services and make an appointment if necessary. Also, this list is in no way all-inclusive. No doubt of the many hundreds of law enforcement agencies in Illinois, other agencies are providing fingerprint services for the Florida Concealed Carry License as well.

In addition, these fingerprints do “expire” according to Florida and have to be dated within 30 days of your concealed weapons application.

Fees for the Florida Non-Resident Concealed Carry License

We live in a world where nothing is free. Sadly, this includes our right to bear arms. The new Florida concealed carry license application typically costs $119 (including miscellaneous fees). Fees may be reduced for some current or retired law enforcement. Renewals are $99 for non-residents. If you process your application in person at a tax collector’s office they may charge a convenience fee of up to $22. Law enforcement may charge you for fingerprint services in the ballpark of $35.

Additional information about the Florida Concealed Carry License

Florida Statute 790 – Weapons and Firearms

Florida Statute 776 – Justifiable Use of Force Florida quick reference


3 thoughts on “Illinois Resident Apply for Florida Non-Resident License”

  1. I have an Illinois FOID card for more than 10 years and now resident of Florida. Am I eligible to apply for a concealed carry weapon permit for Florida?

  2. So if I bought my firearm with my FOID several years ago but THEN I changed my residency to Florida, still owning a home here in Illinois, is my FOID still valid? (Expires in 2026). Can I purchase ammo in Illinois now, and would I use my FOID to do that or my Florida Drivers license?

    There has to be thousands of folks with this situation…what constitutes legal gun ownership for us non-residents who still own homes in Illinois?

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