Basic Pistol Training

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Concealed Carry Training

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Defensive Pistol Training

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Don’t forget to Renew your Illinois Concealed Carry License every five years.

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Defensive Pistol Training

This is your next step after you’ve completed your Concealed Carry Training. In defensive pistol classes, you shall learn the critical skills that you need to overcome a violent encounter and master your defensive handgun. Let’s be honest, a concealed carry class lays the foundation. Defensive Pistol training begins to add the levels to your abilities.

Concealed Carry Training

Learn to legally carry a Concealed Firearm in Illinois and many other states. Our training classes qualify the student to apply for not only an Illinois concealed carry license but apply for a Florida or Arizona license as well. That’s like taking three classes for the price of one. In this two-day class we discuss all the fundamentals of marksmanship, we discuss the differences between defensive shooting and marksmanship, we discuss numerous gun laws for both Federal and Illinois, and we plant the seeds of the winning mindset you need to not become a victim and overcome a violent encounter.

Alpha Pistol Basics

An excellent beginner class, and the perfect refresher for experienced shooters. This class is included with the two-day concealed carry class, however, some students aren’t yet ready to go all-in on a two-day class. Therefore we offer Pistol Basics as a one-day stand-alone course. This is the perfect course for beginner shooters who wish to learn the proper use of both semi-automatic pistols and revolvers as well.

Administrative Services

Do you need a new training certificate? We can help you with that. Enter your information on the Certificate Recovery form.

Do you need assistance applying for your FOID or Concealed Carry License? Not a problem. Schedule a meeting to come in and we’ll help you with application assistance.

Alpha Koncepts proudly has the following firearm training credentials…

Our founder is the 45th Concealed Carry Instructor certified by the Illinois State Police in 2013. There are now over 3,000 instructors in the state of Illinois. However, very few have been doing it longer. Our cadre of certified professionals have a passion for knowledge transfer. Each instructor has decades of shooting experience with a broad range of abilities varied credentials.

Alpha Koncepts offers Private Group classes, or you may sign up for one of our public classes by checking the calendar.  Private groups are a great way to reduce your firearm training costs while training with people you already know and trust.

Learn more about Illinois Concealed Carry Training

Learn more about Defensive Pistol Training

At Alpha Koncepts you’re not just a student for a day, you are a student for life! As part of our pledge to you, we continually write educational and informative blog posts. Several of our posts also include videos. Some of these posts are about changes to the gun laws, some posts are about gear reviews, and some discuss the winning mindset you need to not become a victim. Check out our latest posts and feel free to leave a comment.

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