Holosun – Because I’m not going to war.

Last updated on October 20th, 2023

There is no denying that the red dot accessory is considered a must-have accessory for millions of firearm owners. Many firearm manufacturers are including red dots on their factory firearms. The red dot market is expected to hit $76 million within the next few years. I was recently having a conversation with a friend who is building an AR pistol and we were discussing red-dot optics. He inquired what optic I would recommend for an AR Pistol. After I asked him a few questions regarding his intended use, my answer was to buy an Aim Point Micro.

The Aim Point Micro is no joke, and the price tag isn’t either. His response was, “Whoa! That’s like a $1,000 optic!” While the price tag is closer to $800ish depending on the model, it’s still a hefty sum for the average person. I joked that he can afford it because he doesn’t have kids. However, after more discussion, I brought up Holosun.

I first started hearing whispers of Holosun in social media gun groups about 5 years ago but didn’t pay much attention. However, the Holosun name began dropping more frequently and always with positive reviews. The only negative comment I’ve read or heard regarding the brand is that its products are made in China, and for the most part nearly all of its products are China-made. Though Holosun did also establish a factory in California. This is a deal breaker for some, and I understand their point of view.

If Chinese-made products aren’t a deal breaker for you then Holosun may be worth the look. If you prefer American-made products, then look at names like Eotech, Trijicon, and Leupold. Aimpoint, which I previously mentioned, is manufactured in Sweden. Chinese-made products are very often cheaper than American-made ones, which has allowed Holosun to capture such a huge market share in the red-dot market.

Holosun is Suitable for Target Practice, Competition or Hunting

China has a reputation for making very poor-quality products, but Holosun seems to be bucking this trend with its red dots. If we look at review sights, such as Amazon’s reviews, Holosun products all have cumulative ratings of 4 stars or better. Revisiting my conversation with my friend, I commented to him, “Holosun has become the go-to company for those who want a quality red dot but aren’t planning to go to war.” Unlike Eotech or Aimpoint, for example, Holosun doesn’t have a “battle-proven” reputation but would be perfectly suited for range plinking, competition, or even hunting.

Holosun Vs Eotech Comparable products…

The Eotech website and product literature are quick to point out that they “Aren’t red dots” but instead explain Eotech products are Holographic Weapon Sights (HWS). To the best of my knowledge, all Holosun sights are of the reflex or red dot variety. While most may consider all non-magnified electronic sights to be “Red dots”, there are differences.

Many of the Holosun products have a reticle nearly identical to the Eotech 68 MOA Ring + dot reticle. Holosun calls this their “Multi Reticle System”, though the Holosun ring is 65 MOA instead of 68 like with Eotech.

Holosun AEMS Display Reticle
Holosun Multi Reticle System

Holosun Vs Aimpoint Comparable products…

The hs515 and 503gu are similar to the Aimpoint Micro. Although the 503gu looks similar to the micro, the hs515 shares many of the same features as the micro and is more rugged than the 503gu. And, many aftermarket mounts that work for Aimpoint will also work for some Holosun sights.

Image of a Holosun 507 RDS on a semiautomatic pistol.
Holosun 507

Holosun’s for Pistols…

EPS Carry – Closed Emitter for pistols.

Holosun 507 k – more suitable for concealed carry.

Holosun 507 C – larger thus more suitable for open carry.

Holosun’s for Carbines…

Holosun 510 C – open emitter

Holosun AEMS – closed emitter

image of a Holosun 512 on a Semiautomatic rifle.
Holosun 512

Holosun’s for Shotgun’s…

Holosun AEMS (with low mount)

Holosun makes a ton of products so in no way is this list even close to complete. If you check out their products you may find a red dot optic better suited to your needs. These models are simply presented as a starting point in your comparison.

By using the links on this page to purchase your Holosun equipment, Alpha Koncepts receives a small percentage of the sale. These affiliate links allow us to keep our training costs down. This means when attending one of our Defensive Pistol or Concealed Carry classes, we don’t need to charge nearly as much as our competitors do!

Some of the images on this website have been provided courtesy of Holosun.

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