Get a Concealed Carry License in Park Ridge Illinois and learn more about the rules and laws in Park Ridge IL.

In 2013, Illinois was the last state to allow concealed carry. Alpha Koncepts was one of the first concealed carry training companies to open in Illinois. Our chief firearm instructor was the 45th instructor certified by the Illinois State Police. In 2021 Alpha Koncepts relocated our classroom to Park Ridge.

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On this page, we will tell you everything you need to know about how to get your concealed carry license in Park Ridge and everything you need to know about carrying concealed in Park Ridge.

Can I carry a concealed firearm in Park Ridge, IL?

Yes, if you have a valid Illinois Concealed Carry License you may lawfully carry a concealed handgun on your person or within your vehicle in Park Ridge. There are some restrictions such as schools and government buildings. We discuss all of these restrictions in our concealed carry classes.

Does Park Ridge have any restrictions on carrying concealed?

The city of Park Ridge has no specific restrictions on carrying concealed other than one is required to have a state license in order that they may carry. However, Park Ridge does have “Safe storage” requirements in their weapons ordinance.

Can I “Open Carry” in Park Ridge?

The Illinois concealed carry license doesn’t allow someone to open carry. If you have a firearm owner identification card, the Illinois criminal code allows one to carry on their land, abode, or fixed place of business. However expect some odd looks, and maybe even calls to the police, if you were to sit on your front porch with a gun on your hip.

Are any guns banned in Park Ridge?

While the state of Illinois has banned some guns, such as machine guns and short-barrel shotguns, it doesn’t appear as if the city of Park Ridge has any specific gun bans.

Where is Alpha Koncepts located?

Though Alpha Koncepts originally opened its doors in 2013 in Niles, in 2021 we moved and are now located at 1480 Renaissance Dr., Park Ridge… only a short few-minute drive from Chicago and located directly off the 294 expressway.

How can a Park Ridge resident get a concealed carry license?

An applicant for a concealed carry license first needs to attend a training class and pass a shooting test. After you’ve received your certification from your instructor, you would then apply for your concealed carry license online. We have written a step-by-step article, with a video. Alpha Koncepts also offers FOID & Concealed Carry License Application Assistance.

I have more questions. Who can I ask?

Park Ridge residents who would like more information about concealed carry in Park Ridge, may contact us.

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More Information about Park Ridge Illinois.

The city of Park Ridge Illinois was incorporated in 1910 and has an approximate population of 37,000. While the state of Illinois and many of the towns surrounding Park Ridge have had negative population growth, Park Ridge’s population remains fairly constant. Advocate Lutheran General is by far the top employer in Park ridge, with the District 207 high school in 2nd place.

Crime happens everywhere, that is why concealed carry is so important in places like Park Ridge. According to the City-Data website, since 2015, crime in Park Ridge has been trending upward. In 2019, there was 1 murder, 2 rapes, 4 robberies, and 4 assaults. There was also a surprising 36 burglaries. Crime data for 2020 and 2021 haven’t been reported, though recent police reports show a shooting in November 2021, a murder in February 2022, a carjacking in February 2022, a home invasion in February 2022,

More Information about Concealed Carry

Concealed carry is sometimes called CCW, which is actually the initials for a concealed carry weapon. The terms License and Permit are interchangeable in Illinois, though the Illinois State Police do refer to it as a license. In other states, the permission identification may be called a concealed weapon permit or concealed handgun license.

While Illinois was the last state to allow concealed carry in 2013, forced by a federal judge to allow citizens to carry firearms. Often Florida is credited with being the first state to allow concealed carry however, this is actually incorrect. Though Florida was the first state to permit concealed carry in modern times which set off a cascade of other states following suit. It is important to note that a concealed carry training class, by Alpha Koncepts, allows the student to apply not only for the Illinois Concealed Carry license but also the Florida Concealed Weapon Permit as well.

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We also offer CPR Training in Park Ridge.

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