One day you can save the life of someone you love with CPR training, and if you live in or near Park Ridge, Illinois so do we. Now we are offering CPR training in Park Ridge, IL. So, let’s look at why you might want CPR training, especially if you’re in Park Ridge.

Why Alpha Koncepts for your CPR Training in Park Ridge

  • Our CPR Training classes are located in Park Ridge and are certified by the American Red Cross.
  • All CPR Students receive a Red Cross digital booklet explaining everything you’ll learn in your class, and more.
  • Free Parking in our parking lot.
  • Complimentary coffee and water for CPR students.
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Why is CPR Training so Important? 

In 2019, the City of Park Ridge Fire Department released a report showing over 5,000 incidents of Fire, EMS, Service, and Auto-Aid. Many of these incidents were life-threatening. The goal of CPR and First Aid training is to stabilize the injured person long enough for the professionals to arrive. 

That brings us to response time. The Park Ridge Fire department also said that in 2019 the average response time for EMS was below the Illinois goal of 6 minutes (360 seconds), but not by much. The average response time was about 275 seconds or 4 1/2 minutes. Response times are measured from the time the dispatcher dispatches your call until the time the responders arrive on the scene. Without life-saving CPR or First Aid care, a person who isn’t breathing can experience brain damage and a person who may be bleeding can lose unsafe amounts of blood. 

A person with an arterial bleed can bleed out in as little as 3 minutes. Arterial hemorrhage accounts for approximately 40% of deaths in a pre-hospital environment. We can train you to be able to stop life-threatening bleeding.

A person who stops breathing can experience permanent brain damage in as little as 4 minutes. They could experience death with 8-10 minutes of no oxygen. We can train you in safe methods of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to minimize the chance of death and maximize the likelihood of survival. 

About Alpha Koncepts CPR Training Classes

Alpha Koncepts is a Licensed Training Partner of the American Red Cross. We utilize the American Red Cross in all of our CPR, First Aid, and AED classes. This includes the ARC FAST curriculum, which is an advanced “Stop the Bleed” first aid course

The goal is to go home, and we can help you achieve that goal.

The Alpha Koncepts classroom is located in Park Ridge. In our classroom, students will learn life savings skills both with lecture and hands-on with various training aids including CPR mannequins.

We keep classes small on purpose. This is to ensure each student receives the necessary one-on-one time with your certified instructor. Our student-to-instructor ratio is well below the Red Cross standards, which is a great thing!

We offer free parking in our parking lot. That alone has tremendous value.

Your comfort is important to us. That is why in all of our CPR training classes, we offer free coffee and water to our students. We also have vending machines available for snacks and soda.

Each student who successfully completes the CPR Training class will receive a genuine certificate, valid for two years, directly from the American Red Cross. This training certificate meets OSHA workplace requirements and may provide “good Samaritan” immunity when rendering aid.  

About Park Ridge

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Park Ridge had a population of 37,000 in 2020. There are 54 sworn law enforcement officers in Park Ridge and is supported by 22 civilian positions. Park Ridge has 51 sworn firefighters and two fire stations. It is located in Maine Township and borders Niles, Des Plaines, and Edison Park (Chicago). Advocate Lutheran General Hospital is located in Park Ridge and is considered a level 1 trauma center, meaning it is capable of providing total care for every aspect of injury. 

How to Sign up for CPR Training in Park Ridge

Signing up for CPR Training is simple! You may sign up online in 3 easy steps, or by calling us to make payment and reserve your seat.

  1. First, Choose your class date.
  2. Second, after choosing your class date, you will be able to enter your contact information.
  3. Third, you may make payment using your credit card, debit card, or pay pal. That’s it! Now your seat is locked in! 

For more information on the specific Red Cross First Aid, CPR, & AED curriculum, please visit this page. Might you also be interested in more information about Concealed Carry Classes in Park Ridge?

Read the report from the Park Ridge Fire Department

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