The only thing certain in this uncertain world is that bad things happen to good people. That is why it’s so important to keep your concealed carry license renewed. Let’s discuss the Illinois Concealed Carry Renewal class.

Since 2013, Alpha Koncepts has been training people to safely and legally carry a concealed firearm for their own self protection. Come join our thousands of satisfied Alpha Koncepts students and learn to protect yourself with a firearm.    

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Illinois law requires those with a concealed carry license renew their license every 5 years. A part of the Concealed Carry License Renewal process is to take a class. The purpose of the Concealed Carry License Renewal class is to bring students up to date with changes to the concealed carry law and criminal code, as well as any other laws as they apply. There have been many changes to the firearms laws since 2013.

What You Get

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565 5650947 green check mark clip art1 e1627159372590 Receive a free xxx page manual which contains all the information covered in class. That’s a $18 value, absolutely free.

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Took my original CCL training with Thomas back in 2014 and my CCL renewal in 2019. Clear and concise presentation that is delivered in a way that holds your attention.

Joe O

Great class. Small group for more one on one questions. Relaxed environment made it fun.

John G

Very well done. Was in a small class witch meant more one on one time. Tom really knows his stuff. I am sending everyone I know to him that’s for sure.

Douglas V

Illinois Concealed Carry Renewal Class Dates

Concealed Carry License Renewal Class Topics of Discussion

  • Refresher in regards to the Concealed Carry Law including Ownership, Storage & Transport of a firearm.
  • Refresher in regards to the Firearm Owner Identification (FOID) act.
  • Relevant topics in regards to the criminal code including Use of Force in Defense of Person, Dwelling & Other Property.
  • Changes to the Concealed Carry Law since its’ passage.
  • Firearm Handling including the basics as well as drawing from concealment and Live fire qualification with a firearm.


Concealed Carry License Renewal Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the Concealed Carry License Renewal Class?

Those who have had an Illinois Firearm Concealed Carry license for nearly 5 years are eligible for this class. If you haven’t yet taken your first concealed carry class please visit:  Illinois Concealed Carry Training Class.

Will fingerprints be required to renew my license?

Finger prints are not required for the Illinois Concealed carry license. Neither for the original concealed carry license nor will they be required for renewals. If you already have gotten fingerprinted for your original concealed carry license, you will not need to get finger printed again.

When can I apply for renewal of my concealed carry license?

 You may apply for renewal of your Illinois Concealed Carry License within 180 days of expiration. We recommend applying for renewal as soon as possible, since the Illinois State Police are chronically delayed in issuing renewal licenses.

What if my license expires?

An Illinois concealed carry license is invalid if expired, unless you have applied for renewal in which case it shall remain active until processed by the Illinois State Police. Don’t forget to renew your license before you expire!

Where do I renew my Illinois concealed carry license?

After taking your class with Alpha Koncepts (check calendar), you would apply at The application process is very much the same as the original application. Applications by phone are also available, however it is unlikely the ISP will answer the call due to an overwhelming volume of calls. Alpha Koncepts does offer application assistance, simply ask your instructor if you need help applying for renewal.

I moved. Should I change my address first?

Change your address with the Illinois Secretary of State first on your Driver’s License or state ID. Then apply for renewal of your concealed carry license with the state police. You can change your address as part of the renewal process and don’t need to change your address first. We discuss this topic in greater detail in this article.

How much does it cost to renew the Illinois Concealed Carry License?

The fee to renew the Illinois Concealed Carry license is the same as the original fee. $150.00, plus a $3.58 convenience fee if you use your credit card.

How long does it take to renew my Illinois Concealed Carry License?

Times vary. It’s hard to say, but in 2022 4 months isn’t uncommon. The good news is, if you renew your concealed carry license before you expire, Illinois law says you are still valid while the renewal processes.

Which range do you use?

After 10 years in the business, we have relationships with nearly every shooting range in the Chicagoland area. However, the two ranges we use the most for our concealed carry classes include Maxon’s Shooters in Des Plaines as well as Article II in Lombard. We will discuss the range location on the first day of class.

How much ammunition do I need for the renewal test?

The Illinois concealed carry qualification consists of 30 rounds fired. For that reason, we usually suggest students bring two boxes or 100 rounds of ammunition. A box of ammunition usually consists of 50 rounds, and in the off-chance, a student needs to retake their qualification, 50 rounds won’t be enough to shoot twice, so bring two boxes just in case. In most cases, you may also buy ammunition from the range.

Are there any other fees for the renewal class?

Range fees may be additional, though we occasionally run promotions. Check the individual calendar listing to be sure! Your state application fee(s) are not included. These fees are paid directly to the state. Fingerprints are optional for the Illinois concealed carry license application and therefore are not included. Students will be required to provide ammunition and firearms, or may also rent them.

Where can I find renewal class dates and locations?

Concealed Carry Renewal classes may be found on our calendar or by contacting us.

I have a question before I register for the renewal class. Who can I ask?

Please contact the Alpha Koncepts staff with any questions. Use the contact form to Contact Us or call/text 847-612-3952

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Alpha Koncepts is affiliated with the National Rifle Association as well as the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network and the United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA). Instructors are certified by the National Rifle Association and/or the USCCA as well as the Illinois State Police.

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