May I change my Address when I Renew my Illinois Concealed Carry license?

I am often asked if a licensee may change their address when they renew their concealed carry license or if it must be done separately.  First, someone with a FOID card is required by law to notify the state police (change their address) within 21 days of moving. And a person with a concealed carry license is required to notify the Illinois state police within 30 days of moving.

The good news is, if you forgot to change the address on your FOID or change the address on your concealed carry license, you may change your address when you renew your Illinois concealed carry license.

You may recall as part of your original concealed carry license, you are asked for 10 years residency. That has not changed with the renewal process. As part of the renewal application, there are fields to input your current address.  Simply change your current address, input your previous address(es) and continue as normal.

Alpha Koncepts has confirmed with students, that you are not charged a separate change of address fee ($75), but only charged the $150 concealed carry license renewal fee.

IMPORTANT: Change the address on your Concealed Carry License first before changing the address on your FOID card. If you change your FOID address first, the system will lock you out for weeks or months.


Now you know. You may change your address when you renew your concealed carry license.


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