How Do I Apply for Concealed Carry in Illinois?

There are several steps involved in applying for your Illinois Concealed Carry license after you’ve completed your required concealed carry training class. The following video and article will walk you through the steps on how to apply. (Sign up for a training class with Alpha Koncepts if you haven’t already taken the 16 hour training class.)


Some may find the application process overwhelming, but follow these 15 easy steps on how to apply for your Illinois Concealed Carry License.

  1. Get Training.

    The first step in applying for an Illinois Concealed Carry License is to get training. If you haven’t taken a 16 hour training class yet, sign up now. Some training exemptions apply which will be discussed later in this how-to article.

  2. Log Into the State Police Website

    Visit which is the Illinois State Police Firearm Services Bureau website. If you do not have an account, register for an account. If you do have any account, log in. The Illinois State Police now claim that their website is mobile friendly, this is a recent event.

  3. Click Apply Once Logged In

    Once you have logged in, under the “Your Concealed Carry License” tab, click the Apply button. If you also need to apply for a Firearm Owner Identification (FOID) card, there is no need to complete the form twice. Simply only click apply under the Illinois Concealed Carry License tab.

  4. Enter Preliminary Information.

    If you don’t yet have a FOID card, click the check box to apply for one now.

    If you are active military click yes for a fee exemption. Otherwise click no.

    Be sure to also click the check box that you are also applying for a concealed carry license.

    Click Next

  5. Agree to the Waivers

    Clicking the next two check boxes allows the state to perform the necessary background checks and mental health checks necessary for the state to complete your application.

  6. Preliminary questions begin

    Now you will be asked your age, if you are currently law enforcement and if you have completed finger prints.

    You must be over 21. Also, finger prints are not required for the Illinois concealed carry license.

    If you have completed fingerprints specifically for the Illinois concealed carry license, enter in your transaction control number. Please be aware finger prints must have been coded with the vendor as for concealed carry purposes and if for any other purpose shall not work for concealed carry purposes.

  7. Identification Numbers

    You shall now be asked if you are a US citizen and if you have a drivers license or state ID, and will be required to enter in that information.

  8. Verify and Complete Personal Information

    On this page you will see personal statistics such as height and weight which if you are an Illinois resident may have been pre-populated by the secretary of states office. Verify that this information is correct and be sure to include your contact information such as phone number(s) and email address.

  9. 10 Years of Residency Information

    The Illinois State Police require 10 years of residency information. You will be required to provide your previous addresses, and move in/out dates for the the last 10 years.

  10. Criminal History Questions

    You will be asked a series of questions about any criminal history you may have had. Read each question and answer truthfully. The questions are about any violent crimes, DUI’s, drug use, and any mental health or rehabilitation history.

    You must truthfully answer No to all questions.

  11. Enter Instructor Information

    begin by entering your instructors name, last name first. Then enter the instructors trainer number also known as a CCT number. Please keep in mind there are no spaces between CCT and the numbers, and CCT is part of the number, for example CCT12A001. And enter the date of the training class which is found on the certificate.

    If you have training exemptions, this is the point to select that exemption.

  12. Certificate Upload.

    Upload your certificate. You may simply take a picture with your phone or scan the certificate.

    Click Add Document, browse to where the document is stored and then click Next.

  13. Photo Upload

    You will now need to uplaod your photo. This is done the same as your training certificate.

    Please be sure to take the picture with a light colored background behind you with a head and shoulders photo. No hats or sun glasses.

  14. Electronic Signature

    Enter your password again to act as a signature.

  15. Make Payment

    You shall now be forwarded to a 3rd party vendor website to make payment. Click on your payment method either credit card or echeck and provide the necessary information.

    Verify and click submit.

  16. Review – You’re Done!

    That’s it. Now the waiting period begins. You can log into the ISPFSB website to check on your status.

If you require assistance processing your Illinois Concealed Carry License application, Contact Alpha Koncepts and we will assist you in processing the application for a nominal administrative fee. 


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