The Statistically Perfect Gun Fight

What is the perfect gunfight? Well, in the video below, the host gets it wrong. The perfect gunfight is the one that never happened. As I like to say, “You win the fight that, you’re not in.” But when gunfights do happen, there are statistics, and if we look at the statistics, this ticks all those checkboxes.



We know that statistically speaking most gunfights occur within 9′-15′. We know this from dashcam footage as well as closed-circuit TV. Examining real-world occurrences of defensive gun use is important to ensure we are training realistically. This particular video happens at about 3 yards, and 3 rounds are fired in about 3 seconds. That checks all those statistical checkboxes for a typical gunfight.

In this video we see the police officer escorting a man from the property. The man begins to reach into his jacket which seems to raise alarm bells for the officer as he is ready to swat the gun away, and has already placed his hand on the grip of his firearm. When the man draws his firearm the officer’s training takes over.

However, police officers have access to training that the average civilian does not. WRONG! The average civilian who is serious about their self-defense training need not look any further! Alpha Koncepts is a United States Concealed Carry Association certified instructor for Defensive Shooting Fundamentals. You can get the same, if not better, training that many people officers receive with the defensive use of your firearm.


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