Shoot Better Without Practice

Every shooter is, or should be, seeking to improve their shooting skills. After all shooting is a perishable skill (use it or lose it). But can you really shoot better without practice? While there is no substitute for quality training, live fire and dry fire practice; there are some things you can do to shoot better without practice.

So just how can you shoot better without practice? If you are thinking it has anything to do with the firearm , you’d be wrong. It has everything to do with your body. If you’re body is not ready for the task, it will not perform optimally. If you are thinking I am talking about a cross fit routine, relax!  It’s even more simple than that.

  1. Limit your intake of caffeine before shooting. Caffeine can give you jitters which will open your groups (reduced accuracy) down range.  While eliminating caffeine before shooting isn’t possible for coffee lovers such as myself, I try to reduce my intake by half and don’t drink any coffee for several hours before shooting.
  2. Get Hydrated and Stay Hydrated. Even minor dehydration can cause fatigue or reduced athletic performance. This can’t be understated, especially if shooting outside.
  3. Eat, and eat the right foods. Like caffeine, low blood sugar will cause jitters. Also, low blood sugar can cause blurred vision which will obviously affect your aim. Furthermore the intake of the proper foods, such as blueberry, avocado, or nuts can improve your focus and concentration.
  4. Get adequate sleep.

If you are preparing for an event, it makes sense to begin preparing days in advance, rather than waiting for the morning before.  All these things combined could give you a slight advantage.  While practice is absolutely necessary, these simple tips should help you shoot better without practice!





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