Robbery Gone Wrong Due to Inept Criminals

Luck counts, but you can’t count on luck. We can and should learn from the mistakes of others. Studying closed-circuit TV footage of criminal activity ensures we are training realistically to providing our own best self-defense plan.


In the above video, we see two robbers “knocking off” a convenience store. The robber with the gun immediately starts to shoot, absolutely no respect for human life. This is why I always preach, “Never ask for mercy from the merciless.” The good news is the convenient store clerk was armed, well kind of.

Immediately when shots were fired the two store clerks darted to the side. One was able to gain cover, or at least concealment. The other clerk was still basically out in the open cowering in the corner. BUT, both clerks dashed away from the firearm which was staged under the counter. It would have been better to have the firearm on your person. Remember carrying a firearm isn’t comfortable, it is comforting.

Once the clerk recovered his firearm he is able to place a round at, or into, the bad guy. But remember you are responsible for every round that leaves your chamber. What if he missed the target? The second clerk cowering in the corner likely would have taken some friendly fire. I am not saying what the armed clerk did was wrong. I am simply tossing out some commentary that needs to be considered so that we can make an improved self-defense plan for ourselves.

Remember, luck counts, but you can’t count on luck. This could have gone very differently if the clerk wasn’t able to retrieve his firearm.


Be armed. Be trained. Be Alpha.


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