Is my Lost Illinois Concealed Carry License Still Valid?

If you have lost your Illinois Concealed Carry License, it can be a stressful time. Losing your wallet or having something stolen is always very frustrating.  But, will your Illinois Concealed Carry License remain valid while waiting for your replacement license?

lost illinois concealed carry license

The answer is no. Your Illinois Concealed Carry License shall be invalid if lost or stolen. You may not legally carry a concealed firearm in Illinois until your license has been replaced, which can take at least 1-2 months.


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The Illinois Concealed Carry licensing Act states (Bold added for emphasis)…

(430 ILCS 66/55) Sec. 55. Change of address or name; lost, destroyed, or stolen licenses. (a) A licensee shall notify the Department within 30 days of moving or changing residence or any change of name. The licensee shall submit the requisite fee and the Department may require a notarized statement that the licensee has changed his or her residence or his or her name, including the prior and current address or name and the date the applicant moved or changed his or her name. (b) A licensee shall notify the Department within 10 days of discovering that a license has been lost, destroyed, or stolen. A lost, destroyed, or stolen license is invalid. To request a replacement license, the licensee shall submit: (1) a notarized statement that the licensee no longer possesses the license, and that it was lost, destroyed, or stolen; (2) if applicable, a copy of a police report stating that the license was stolen; and (3) the requisite fee. (c) A violation of this Section is a petty offense with a fine of $150 which shall be deposited into the Mental Health Reporting Fund. (Source: P.A. 98-63, eff. 7-9-13; 99-29, eff. 7-10-15.)

Note section (b) above.  The license is only invalid if lost or stolen. To report your license lost or stolen and order a new Illinois Concealed Carry License, visit or call (217) 782-7980.

Illinois Concealed Carry License
Is my Lost Illinois Concealed Carry License Still Valid?


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  1. I applied to renew my license but I never received it. I went to state police and asked.They told me it was sent to my old address. They also told me to contact you to aquire.

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