Is the Hi-Point Firearm Legal in Illinois?

The Hi-Point handgun was a common firearm in Illinois due to its affordability. However, in early 2017 they began to disappear from gun shops. The rumor mill has it that, “The Hi-Point is Illegal in Illinois”. But that’s not exactly true, in fact, it is only partially correct.

There has been a law on the books, in Illinois, since the late ’60s or early 70’s referred to as the “Illinois Melting Point” law. This is sometimes called the “melting pot” law. This law essentially states that certain handguns, formerly referred to as “Saturday night specials” (at the time), were unlawful for a licensed dealer to sell or transfer. This melting point law was something that went mostly forgotten until about 2009 when gun owners realized these firearms might be included in this obscure law. However, it wasn’t until 2017 that the manufacturer stopped sales to Illinois dealers.


The Illinois “Melting Point law”, part of the Illinois Criminal Code, says…

(720 ILCS 5/24-3) (from Ch. 38, par. 24-3)
Sec. 24-3. Unlawful sale or delivery of firearms.
(A) A person commits the offense of unlawful sale or delivery of firearms when he or she knowingly does any of the following:

(h) While holding any license as a dealer, importer,
manufacturer or pawnbroker under the federal Gun Control
Act of 1968, manufactures, sells or delivers to any
unlicensed person a handgun having a barrel, slide, frame
or receiver which is a die casting of zinc alloy or any
other nonhomogeneous metal which will melt or deform at a
temperature of less than 800 degrees Fahrenheit. For
purposes of this paragraph, (1) “firearm” is defined as in
the Firearm Owners Identification Card Act; and (2)
“handgun” is defined as a firearm designed to be held and
fired by the use of a single hand, and includes a
combination of parts from which such a firearm can be

The above bold text has been added for emphasis.

Layman’s interpretation: It is not illegal to own a hi-point handgun. But it is unlawful for a licensed gun store to sell or transfer a hi-point handgun, or other handguns made of similar metals. This prohibition on transfer does not apply to long guns. It is also important to note that this melting point law does not apply to polymer pistols such as the Glock.

Illinois Melt Point Letter from Distributor

MKS Supply in Dayton OH, who is the sole distributor for Hi-Point firearms released a statement saying in part…

With the ever-changing wave of state and local firearms laws and regulations, individual federal
firearms licensee “gun shops” are in the best position to know what firearms and accessories can and
cannot be sold, transferred, or delivered in their particular locations and, if they can be sold, transferred,
or delivered, how and to whom. There are a myriad of state and local laws and regulations that may
apply to the sale of firearms and accessories obtained by FFLs from MKS Supply and or other
distributors and manufacturers. No one other than each individual FFL can be responsible for their
compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Illinois and Hawaii FFLs should be aware of the “melt point” laws that prohibit delivery of some
handguns to individuals within those states. As a result, Hi-Point Firearms and MKS Supply will no
longer be accepting warranty repair Hi-Point Firearms handguns from individuals or FFLs residing in
Illinois or Hawaii due to the fact that we would not be able to return such to the customers,
irrespectively of whether they originally purchased out-of-state, etc.

If you have a customer seeking repair of a Hi-Point Firearms handgun, please do not accept such
or instruct them to send the firearm to the manufacture. Instead, please have customers contact the
manufacturer at the number provided; Hi-Point Firearms 419-747-9444. We are able and willing to ship
certain parts, and assist you or the consumer in repairing the firearm. If you need assistance obtaining
parts, or repairing the firearm once you receive the parts, please call the factory and a technician will
assist you.

MKS Supply, LLC. Dayton OH

Illinois Melting Point Law

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