We’re used to the one-handed operation of countless folding knives. And we’re greatly appreciative of these and other excellent tools that can be brought to bear on a task with only one hand. But there’s still innovation to be realized. And there always will be. CRKT’s Bivy takes a shot at making a multi-tool more user-friendly, namely by making it a truly one-handed tool. I’ve hand one in hand for several months now and have to admit it’s a great idea and a well-thought-out design that’ll only get better from here.

Bivy not only allows you to carry a modern multi-tool clipped to the inside of your pocket (or wherever else on your person you want to carry it) but also offers the ability to draw it, push a button and deploy a decent-sized, needle-nose pliers right there in your hand. Draw, snap, work. When you’re done, just push the same button forward and fold the pliers away. And even the exercise of closing the pliers can be done with one hand. Just press the button and push the back side of the pliers against any firm surface. The pliers will begin to collapse back into the handle. Release the button so the mechanism can re-engage and continue pressing until the handle absorbs everything. Click and done.

The pocket clip is robust and keeps the Bivy handy. Once in your pocket, you’ll notice how thick the tool is — about an inch wide. That’s substantial for a tool clipped to the inside of your pocket but it’s not obnoxious. Deploying the pliers occurs via a button pushed forward by your thumb. About a quarter inch of travel and snap, the pliers and the second handle launch authoritatively in place, ready to go.

But the pliers are not the only one-handed operation offered by the Bivy. Turn the tool over in your hand and there’s a thumb stud for deploying the 2.75-inch 5Cr15MoV blade featuring cut-through-anything Veff serrations. A liner lock keeps the blade locked in place until you’re done. And with a deft movement of your fingers, you can release the liner lock and fold the knife away. Again, all one-handed.

Bivy offers three other tools: a Phillips screwdriver, a flat screwdriver with an integrated bottle opener and a marlinspike. These you can deploy with one hand, but it’s better with two.

Closed, the Bivy measures 4.12 inches and weighs 7.7 ounces. Retailing for $69.99, it carries like a chunky pocket knife but provides the invaluable service of instant access to a robust set of pliers along with a versatile knife.

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