Zero Situational Awareness Could Be Painful

Taking your eyes off the threat can be a very bad thing to do.

Your mind is your most valuable tool.

Always be aware of your surroundings. Identify possible threats and pay special attention to anything out of the ordinary. Have a plan and a backup plan. In this video, we don’t see any of that. This person takes his eye off the threat, which in this case is a bull.

The bull then punishes the unaware man but flipping him over, narrowly missing puncturing his rectum with the horn of the bull. Having not learned from his mistakes, he once again takes his eye off the threat and gets punished for it.

For those of us who have no intention of running with the bulls, what can we learn? Some threats have 4 legs, others have 2, and some threats are environmental. Practice situational awareness. Be aware of your environment. Pay attention to anyone or anything that doesn’t seem normal. Pay special attention to circumstances where you might be harmed.

Be armed. Be trained. Be Alpha.

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