Do you have your lawyer on speed dial?

If you’ve taken my 8 or 16 hours Illinois concealed carry class, you’ve heard me say it, “By a show of hands, who here has their lawyer on speed dial?”  A few hands will go up. Then I ask if that lawyer specializes in self-defense cases, and nearly all hands will go down.

But it is a serious question that must be pondered now in the relative luxury that convenience offers us. Think about it this way, after a traumatic event, an event that caused you to use force against another person to protect life, this will be an incredibly stressful and hectic time. Will you be in your right mind? Probably not. Will your family and friends who are now scrambling to help you be in their right minds? Probably not.

Find a criminal defense attorney now while you have the time to find the best, because after a traumatic event; you won’t be looking for the best criminal defense attorney, you will be looking for the first available. As we know first isn’t always best. Find someone now that you feel you can trust and understands your needs. Have a conversation with a few lawyers who specialize in this type of case.

What’s wrong with the guy who helped you when you were buying your house?  Well, would you call your electrician to fix a leaking pipe? You would probably call your plumber. Tradesmen specialize, but lawyers do too.  Could your real estate lawyer handle a case where you were unjustly accused of a crime because you lawfully used force to defend yourself? Maybe. But do you want to find out? Don’t you think it would be best to find someone who specializes in these types of cases?

Self-defense insurance is another option. The insurance companies maintain a cadre of specialized attorneys. Companies like the USCCA and ACLDN can dispatch an attorney to defend you. I’d still recommend consulting with attorneys in the network of your self-defense insurance carrier to be sure you trust this person with your freedom. However, the referrals from your insurance provider can be beyond value if you are traveling outside of your normal home area. I recently took a road trip through 4 different states, and I was at peace knowing I had an ace in my pocket with my self-defense insurance.

In all of my concealed carry classes, I pass out a list of criminal defense attorneys. This list has been available on my website in the “student resources” section, which was previously only available to those who have taken a class from Alpha Koncepts. However, I have now made all these resources available to all those willing to learn, because all it takes to be a member of the Alpha Pack is an open mind and proper attitude. I can teach you the rest.

Check the Student Resource Section to find a list of criminal defense attorneys.

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