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Gear Review: NeoMag, Magnetic Pocket Magazine Clip

In my time carrying a firearm for nearly a decade, one of the things I learned is the importance of carrying a spare magazine. While some people may debate this, for me, the science is settled. I almost always carry a spare magazine. Why I carry a spare magazine is something I have blogged and vlogged about in the past. The question then becomes how and where to carry this spare magazine. Enter the NeoMag by Front Pocket Innovations.

The exact product that I tested was the original NeoMag with a regular clip. NeoMag is also available with an extended pocket clip and what they call “Type G” for Glock mags. As part of my testing, I carried a spare metal 15 round 9mm magazine for my Sig Sauer P320. I carried both “on duty” in my security job as well as for concealed carry in my day-to-day activities. In addition, I attended one competitive event using the NeoMag for my reloads.

First impressions of the NeoMag…

Everyone loves a good “unboxing”. First impressions are important. You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. The packaging was adequate.  The box included the Neomag and the product instructional card. The NeoMag is very well made. I was immediately impressed with the quality of the materials used and the strength of the magnets.

Intended Use of the NeoMag

What is the intended use? According to their website, “The NeoMag® is a minimalist back-up magazine holder that inconspicuously clips inside your pocket.  Built from the toughest materials and backed by a lifetime warranty.” In other words, the NeoMag is a device to carry spare magazines in your pocket. Once clipped into the pocket it appears similar to a pocket knife or multi-tool.

Technical specifications of the NeoMag…

The body of the NeoMag is made of Blacknitride coated Steel.

The clip is titanium. Black Cerakoted clips are also available.

The magnets are Neodymium. Neodymium magnets are some of the most common magnet types available.

The entire device weighs only 2 oz.

Manufactured in the United States.

The NeoMag Warranty

The NeoMag warranty is a Lifetime warranty. Like all warranties, it starts with a broad statement but there are always exclusions. Like always, if you are the type of person who makes purchasing decisions based upon a warranty, read the warranty before purchasing. Herein lies the problem. I was unable to find the written warranty, and when I contacted NeoMag support I did receive a prompt reply which didn’t answer all of my questions. Below is the NeoMag response, do with it what you will…

Thank you for reaching out to us. In regards to our warranty, we try to work with our customers on a case-by-case basis. There are so many different situations that customers reach out to us about from putting their NeoMag through the dryer, being in skateboard accidents, to snagging their clip on a seat belt. It would be impossible to list all the possibilities.

In reference to the NeoMag’s warranty in particular here are a few things of note:

We replace up to 2 pocket clips that have become weak or broken through continued use or customer accidents.

We have replacement rubber dots available for free on our website as daily use over months and years can cause the rubber dots to need to be replaced. 

We have built the NeoMag to be a sturdy product that can withstand training and daily carry use. We often work with customers to either repair or replace NeoMags that have incurred damage through “life happens” sort of events as mentioned in my previous email (sending the NeoMag through the dryer, skateboard accidents, or catching a clip on your seatbelt) These situations are not always a failure of the product but we stand behind it’s construction and try to work with the individual customer to come up with a solution.

As far as shipping goes we will pay the return shipping costs if the return is a result of our error (i.e. you received an incorrect or defective item, etc.). 

Our main goal when working through warranty situations is to communicate with our customers and find a solution for them. Feel free to reach out with other questions. 

What I Learned while Testing the NeoMag

The NeoMag is available on the website, on Amazon, and many other authorized dealer websites. There are numerous similar devices available on Amazon made of plastic instead of the metal Neomag. Some of these devices are marketed under the names Magorui or Gotical. I didn’t test any of these other cheaper alternatives so I can’t compare which may be better or worse. The price of the NeoMag starts at $40. Some of the alternatives were less than half that price.

I tested the NeoMag by wearing it every day for 2 months. I wore the NeoMag in multiple pairs of pants, including my security uniform, jeans, and cargo pants. But I always wore the NeoMag in my left front pocket. I included reloading from the pocket as part of my dry-fire training. I even wore the mag-holder in a competition that included approximately 10 reloads throughout the half-day.

What I discovered while testing in some pockets, it was very visibly a magazine (to anyone who knows what the base plate of a magazine looks like). The visibility of the mag isn’t an issue during my security gig, but when I am trying to be concealed, I prefer my spare magazine not to be visible. I discovered after ordering they make a deeper clip that allows the magazine to sit deeper in your pocket. It is important to note, that the magazine did disappear well in some pockets. The extent to how well the magazine base plate hides seems to depend on the cut and the angle of the pocket.

I also prefer to wear loose pants. Loose pockets often accompany loose pants. The spare magazine tended to bounce around in my pocket. Although the magazine never fell loose from the magnetized pocket clip, it was annoying bouncing against my leg and even caused minor bruising after running around during the competition. I suspect it would be more comfortable with either tighter pants or a single-stack magazine. I carry a double stack, which is wider than a single stack.

Speaking of competition, the NeoMag fared well. I reloaded from pocket approximately 10 times. Only once did the NeoMag come loose from my pants. This could have been a user error during reloading or could have been my failure to properly secure the clip to my pants after previous reloads. While I can only speculate why the pocket clip came loose, I don’t think it had to do with the strength of the clip, because it is tight! Almost too tight, almost.  

NeoMag’s Pros and Cons…


Good Design

Good Materials

Good Craftsmanship

Minimalist Packaging


Sometimes Uncomfortable

Pricey when compared to similar products.

Gear Review: NeoMag, Magnetic Pocket Magazine Clip
  • Design
  • Quality
  • Packaging
  • Works As Intended
  • Ease of Use
  • Comfort
  • Ergonomics
  • Pricing

Report Card and Final thoughts

For the design, the NeoMag receives 5/5. The design is simple yet effective. It is not overly complicated in any way. Sometimes less is more, and that is certainly the case here.

For the quality of manufacturing the NeoMag receives 5/5. The metals are sturdy, there were no burs or sharp edges. The screws are firmly attached and magnets are also strongly and firmly placed.

For packaging, the NeoMag receives 5/5. The packaging was a no-frills clam-shell style package. It was no harder nor easier to open than any other clam-shell type package and didn’t contain any unnecessary fluff. Again, sometimes less is more and when it comes to packaging I prefer simplistic packaging with no unnecessary accessories. Unnecessary fluff usually only serves to drive up the cost, so I appreciate the lack of fluff.

Works as intended? Yes, it does, therefore the NeoMag receives 5/5.  However, I wish to remind you that the NeoMag may be visible in certain pant pockets. If total concealability is important to you, as it is to me, you may opt for the deeper pocket clip or thoroughly test each pair of pants before going into the public view.

Ease of Use, Comfort, and Ergonomics. In this category, the Neomag will receive 4/5. This is because, for me, I found it to sometimes be uncomfortable. However, the NeoMag is very easy to use and the design makes it simple to access and perform reloads. I’ll also note that my reloads were a slight bit slower from the pocket than from my belt. However, I also have many more repetitions reloading from my belt. With more practice, I likely could have shaved some time off the pocket reload.

Pricing is subjective to each person, however, when compared to similar products available on the market, the NeoMag receives 3/5 stars. The NeoMag was at the high end of the price range when compared to competitor products.


NeoMag Final Thoughts

Why not just drop a magazine into your pocket? I would not recommend carrying a spare magazine in your pocket without some kind of clip or other means of keeping the magazine in place. This is because in a high-stress situation, you need muscle memory and you need consistency to operate efficiently. This is simply due to human physiology. If you dump the magazine in your pocket, it will sit differently in each pant, and may get turned around, so the bullet tips may face different directions. In addition, 15 rounds of 9mm bouncing against your leg every step you take will get annoying quickly.

I always want to end my reviews by answering the internal question, “Would I recommend this product to my students?” For the NeoMag, the answer is yes. While I reverted to my horizontal magazine holder which affixes to my belt, I do always acknowledge that there is no one size fits all solutions when it comes to firearm training and gear. If someone often tucks in their shirt, which I seldom do, my method of carrying a spare magazine won’t work for them. Also, of all the people who have carried the NeoMag that I spoke with about the bouncing against my leg, nobody else seemed to experience or notice this phenomenon. Therefore, yes, I would recommend that anyone looking to carry a spare metal magazine in their pocket, check out the NeoMag.

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