Do I have to Renew my FOID after getting a Concealed Carry License?

It can be confusing having two different gun owner cards in Illinois, the FOID and the Concealed Carry license. There have been some efforts to combine the cards, but to date, they are both required.

If you do not renew your FOID, and your concealed carry license is otherwise still valid, your concealed carry license will be revoked. Therefore it is important to renew your FOID card so you don’t also lose your Concealed Carry License.


Update: October 2019: After the mass murder in Aurora Illinois, numerous police forces throughout Illinois have begun to visit the homes of people who have forgotten to renew their FOID cards to confiscate their firearms. If you do not wish to lose your firearms, you MUST renew your FOID card. To renew, visit


Illinois FOID Card

Illinois FOID Card


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Thomas Kral is the chief firearm instructor for Alpha Koncepts Firearm Training and has been instructing students on the safe and efficient use of a firearm since 2013. Thomas has numerous firearm industry certifications including instructor credentials from the United States Concealed Carry Association, the National Rifle Association, Next Level Defense, Ultimate Training Munitions, and The American Gunsmithing Institute.

Thomas Kral is also the founder of a gun rights organization, GunRights4Illinois. Founded in 2014, GunRights4Illinois is blossoming into a no-compromise gun rights organization enabling Illinois gun owners to fight for their rights.

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