Walker Razor Slim Passive Low Profile Hearing Protection Muffs

Walker Razor Slim’s are low-profile passive hearing protection. These are the perfect entry-level hearing muffs for shooters.

Available in many colors. Click “Get Pricing” to see all colors and styles.

Walker Razor Slim earmuffs are low-profile passive hearing protection if you’re attending an Alpha Koncepts advanced firearm training class. These are the perfect entry-level hearing muffs for shooters.

Available in Black, FDE,  Sage Green and more.

These passive hearing muffs have a noise reduction rating of 27 db to save your hearing.

  • COMPACT MUFF – Designed for the smaller heads of youth and women shooters, these compact muffs feature a slim profile ensuring convenience & noise protection; Lightweight, foldable & adjustable, the earmuffs are perfect for female and younger shooters
  • PROTECT YOUR HEARING – Safeguard your hearing with the Walker’s Razor Slim Passive Muffs, meticulously designed for shooters & hunters; With a 27dB Noise Reduction Rating, these earmuffs offer superior protection against harmful shooting noises
  • DURABLE – Crafted with high-quality materials, the earmuff guarantees durability & long-lasting performance; Perfect for shooting ranges, hunting expeditions, or any loud environment, this muff is the ultimate choice for exceptional hearing protection
  • DETAILS – Featuring ultra low-profile ear cups with rubberized coating & a headband with a metal wire frame, this slim muff is perfect for all-day wear; With the sound-dampening housing and collapsible design, this muff combines functionality & comfort
  • BY WALKER’S – With Walker’s brand behind it, this hearing protection muff exemplifies top-notch performance; Recognized as an industry leader, Walker’s is trusted by shooters and workers globally for its unwavering commitment to reliability & innovation.

Walker’s Razor Elite Ultra Slim Folding Muff

Experience quality and performance with Walker’s Ultra Slim, Low Profile Passive Muffs. The small form factor helps to keep your muffs from getting in the way of what you are doing while still delivering an impressive NRR of 26dB passive protection with it’s sound dampening composite housing. The Walker’s Razor Slim Passive Earmuffs feature rubberized cups as well as metal wire frame designed for variable adjustability and comfort during long term use. Stay safe and confident in the the Walker’s Razor Slim Passive Earmuffs.


Black, Coral, FDE, Olive Drab, Sage Green, Teal (Tiffany Blue), Yellow

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