This is the official application form for anyone who wishes to work with Alpha Koncepts in the capacity as an official staff instructor.
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Your Name
Let us know who you are!
Email is usually how we will contact you and request documents. Please use the email address you check the most.
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Please tell us why you want to work with us.
If yes, tell us about some of those classes, when, where, etc… Also, what did you like and what would you change?
Tell us all about the classes you’ve taken, and not just the instructor classes.
What attributes, skills or abilities makes someone fit to be an instructor? What are some attributes that limits a person’s abilities to become an instructor?
Tell us a little about your instructor experience. How long you’ve been instructing, how many classes or students you’ve instructed, or anything you think may be helpful.
Do you have Instructor Insurance?
Are you insured to operate as an instructor?
What classes are you Certified to instruct?
Let us know about some of the classes that you are currently certified to teach.
If other, please tell us a little about it.
This is your chance to tell us anything you want. Fill in the blanks.
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