If you are the kind of person who trains in the Defensive use of firearms, there is no other way to put it, force on force training will be the very best defensive firearm training you can get. Force on Force training places you in real life situations to force stress and dispel internet nonsense. If you take your defensive firearm skills seriously, force on force is the proving grounds for your defensive shooting skills.

If you’ve attended one of our Defensive Pistol classes, we’ve trained you in methodology of how to deploy your firearm from various positions. When someone points a firearm at you and starts pressing the trigger, things happen. Suddenly we’re not as good as we thought we were. And, that’s what force on force is. Your training can’t get any more real than Force on Force.

You never really know how you will react in a high stress life and death situation until you’ve been hit with it. While we’re not about to purposely place ourselves smack in the center of a convenience store robbery, we can simulate that event and simulate that stress to force your reaction. Is it the reaction you wanted? Did you react the way you thought you would? What could you do differently? Force on force training answers all those questions.

Force on force training pistol being used in a close quarters training scenario.
What is Force on Force?

Most firearm training is Force on Target training, meaning the shooter is using force against a target. The target may be static or dynamic, but it’s not shooting back. Force on force training employs at least two role players to use force against each other. In short, I’m shooting at you and you are shooting back at me, only we are using specifically modified firearms that use non-lethal ammunition.

SWAT member using UTM Force on Force rifle conversion for safe defensive firearm training.

There is a reason the military and elite law enforcement units train in force on force techniques. Now we are bringing these same training methods to the civilian market. Alpha Koncepts instructors are certified by Ultimate Training Munitions, the leading manufacturer in non-lethal force on force training tools. Our training scenarios are based on real life defensive gun use instances. We don’t want to just focus our training on what is probable or what is possible, but our training scenarios focus on what has already happened to someone just like you.


The true value of a product or technology lies in its real-world applications.  As such, UTM products, training and technologies work together to provide you a comprehensive system that ultimately giving you highly-realistic and intensive training scenarios.

Obtain the various skills you need to truly excel.  Regardless of your mission, UTM offers the highest-quality products and resources, so you can feel confident that you are being persistently challenged and performing to the best of your ability.

  • Better simulate realistic combat scenarios, creating a truly immersive experience.
  • Over 140 state-of-the-art conversions designed for the most popular firearm manufacturers.
  • Ensure the highest levels of safety, reliability and accuracy with meticulously designed products.
  • Ideal for students of any experience level – beginners, experts and everything in between.

Realistic Simulations and Scenarios

Your training has got to be reality based. People are attacked every day and people are forced to defend themselves every day. With the rise and prevalence of video technology, we base our simulations on real life occurrences. The certified instructors at Alpha Koncepts have designed so many simulations that if you attended 5 Force on Force training sessions, each day would be different because the simulations would likely be different. Our scenarios include…

  • Convenience store robbery.
  • ATM Robbery.
  • Mass casualty event.
  • Home Invasions.
  • Multiple Attackers.
  • and More!

Will you Rise to the Occasion?

It’s incredibly unlikely you’ll obtain new skills during a fight. What’s more realistic is the old adage that you will default to your lowest level of consistent training. In that high stress moment, that split second when your brain is forced into fight or flight, you will react.

Force on Force training gives you the opportunity to prove your skills. It also gives you the opportunity to find your breaking points under stress. Knowing your flaws gives you the opportunity to seek further training and further practice so that you can reinforce and improve your skills.

Man drawing a UTM 
force on force training pistol from the small of his back from concealment.

Force on Force training will amp your stress, cause real fear responses, create indecision, and inoculate your conscious and sub conscious to high levels of stress. This stress inoculation is an incredibly good thing! If your brain has “been there, done that”, then in a real life situation you are less likely to freeze under the pressure. The benefits of stress inoculation can’t be understated and only occur from real or manufacturer fear and stress.

Force on Force is No Joke

Force on Force training is fun. But it’s no joke. Safety is of the most paramount importance. Every gun owner who has even received the most basic of firearm training should know the 3 universal safety rules. Those rules are to not point a loaded gun at anyone and press the trigger. We’re about to break all 3 of those rules. We at Alpha Koncepts consider the safety of all of our students with the utmost importance. This is why we’ve developed an incredibly robust force on force safety program which includes checks and double checks. Our vigorous safety program includes…

  • All students are searched and searched again.
  • Alpha Koncepts will provide all specially modified weapons and training aids.
  • Alpha Koncepts will provide most of your personal protection equipment.
  • No outside weapons of any kind are allowed while training.
  • Dedicated Safe areas will be designated and rigorously enforced.
  • We will always ensure a safe student to instructor ratio to be sure that no safety violation is allowed to occur.

Did you find your class? If not, additional classes, dates and time can be found on our event calendar.

More Force on Force Class Dates Coming Soon

We are working with our partners to schedule class dates for our Force on Force training for early 2024. To stay up to date and ensure your spot in our next Force on Force training class, sign up for our mailing list or contact us to host us for a Force on Force class!

The gear you need for Force on Force Training.

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