Whether you use a shotgun for home defense or for duty, the Defensive Shotgun class can make you a better shooter. The shotgun is by far the most versatile tool, able to handle threats up close and afar. If the user is properly trained, the shot gun can be used for lethal and non-lethal engagements.

In our Defensive Shotgun classes we will focus on the core of being able to properly use a shotgun and develop the aggressive gun handling skills you need. We will also focus on ammunition management instructing various reloading techniques and methods to swap one ammo type for another as needed.

The Defensive Shotgun class is entirely on the range and includes lecture and hands on training. Students build muscle memory through repetition under the guidance of our certified shotgun instructors.

Upon completion students will understand a variety of ready positions and the use for each shooting position. Students will understand the use of different ammo types, and the pros and cons of each ammo. Students will understand how their shot gun patterns with their ammo at various distances.

A rack containing a variety of defensive shotguns.

We will also discuss and show proper use of a shotgun sling and other accessories such as side saddles signifigantly making the student a more skilled shooter. These accessories add utility and versatility to the shotgun.

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Shotgun Instructor demonstrating movement with a slung shotgun in an outdoor Defensive Shotgun Training class.

The first phase of our Defensive Shotgun program is our Critical Shotgun skills.

  • Multiple Targets at varying distances.
  • Rapid target identification & acquisition.
  • Multiple Reloading techniques.
  • Malfunction clearance drills.
  • Voice commands.
  • Stress Inoculation.
  • The basics of movement while shooting.

Enroll in our defensive Shotgun training course to learn how to effectively utilize this powerful close-quarters defensive tool. Our course covers a range of important topics. These topics include weapon and ammunition selection, patterning and zeroing, practical shooting techniques and positions. We also cover reloading under pressure, tactical engagement of single and multiple threats, weapon retention, switching to slug, and firing while on the move. Through live fire drills, you will gain valuable experience in battlesight zero, slug-select procedures, fire and maneuver, low light firing, advanced buckshot drills, and even hostage rescue scenarios. By the end of the course, you will be a skilled and proficient user of the defensive shotgun.

Why Attend our Course

Our defensive shotgun class can be an excellent opportunity for individuals to enhance their self-defense and personal protection skills. The shotgun is a powerful and versatile weapon that is well-suited for close-quarters combat, thus making it a popular choice among law enforcement and military. The private citizen who want to be prepared to defend themselves and their loved ones has also embraced the shotgun.

One of the primary benefits of attending a defensive shotgun class, sometimes called tactical shotgun training, is the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals who can provide expert instruction and guidance on the use of the weapon. This includes not only the technical aspects of handling and firing the shotgun but also defensive considerations. We’ll discuss weapon selection, ammunition choices, and engagement strategies.

Another advantage of attending a defensive shotgun class is the opportunity to practice and refine your skills in a controlled and safe environment. Live fire drills can simulate a range of realistic scenarios. This allows participants to develop muscle memory and hone their decision-making abilities in high-pressure situations.

In addition to the practical benefits of attending a defensive shotgun class, there are also psychological and emotional benefits to consider. Learning how to use a shotgun effectively and confidently can give individuals a sense of empowerment and peace of mind, knowing that they have the skills and tools necessary to protect themselves and their loved ones in a crisis situation.

Student firing a shotgun in an outdoor Defensive Shotgun course.

Overall, attending the Alpha Koncepts defensive shotgun training class can be an excellent investment in personal safety and security. Our course provides individuals with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to be prepared for any situation that may arise.


Some of the photos on this page have been provided by by Rick Hicaro.

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