Now you can earn an income promoting highly rated firearm training services by Alpha Koncepts. We are offering generous commissions for every student that you sign up for a firearm training class.

About the Affiliate Program

The affiliate program is simple! If you qualify, we will provide you with a unique coupon code that you can promote. For every student that uses your code, you’ll receive a generous commission. In addition, the student shall also receive a discount which gives them an incentive to use YOUR code. Currently, we are paying 10% which will give you a commission of approximately $15 – $20 per student.

10 percent front

You may promote your unique coupon code many multiple ways:

  1. Passively promote your unique coupon code on your website, social media, newsletter or in your dojo. Students would sign up on our website.
  2. Actively seek students and you sign them up directly on our site. You may visit gun shows, trade shows and other events where people may be interested in firearm training.

We will provide you with multiple coupons styles that you may print and distribute to potential students, or you’re welcome to design your own.

Who Should Sign up for the Affiliate Program?

10 percent rear

Are you a martial arts instructor? Are you a podcaster? Do you own or manage a gun store? Do you teach self-defense training classes? Are you a part-time firearm instructor or operating outside of our area? Do you console victims of violence? Are you a social media influencer? Are you a gun-tuber? Maybe you have a large circle of friends and family who come to you for advice.

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you’re likely a very good fit for this affiliate program. Apply to become an affiliate today!

About Alpha Koncepts

Since 2013 Alpha Koncepts has been providing quality firearm training in and around the greater Chicagoland area. We strive to provide the very best educational experience possible, and our ratings and reviews reflect that effort.

Currently, we offer from beginner to advanced pistol training classes, including concealed carry, in the greater Chicagoland area. However, we are seeking to expand our offerings, especially defensive pistol, outside the Chicago area. We are also seeking to add more classes to our course offering including rifle training and medical/ first aid.

Not in our area?

Don’t worry if you’re not in our current service area. We’d like to hear from you anyway! If you can refer enough students, we will travel to you! Please do contact us directly to discuss a customized solution for you.

Apply to the Affiliate Program

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