Alpha Koncepts employs certified law enforcement instructors. However, unlike other tactical training centers, Alpha Koncepts focuses on tactical training for civilians. Located near Chicago, we offer various tactical courses including Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun and Advanced First Aid for emergencies. Our tactical courses are geared for the civilian with specific methods which don’t apply to a military nor law enforcement setting.

Tactical Firearm Training for Civilians

Pistol Tactical Courses

Low-light pistol tactical course in action.

Rifle Tactical Courses

Civilian Tactical Rifle Training

Shotgun Tactical Courses

Tactical Shotgun training class for civilians in action.

Civilian Tactics are different from military or law enforcement tactics. The encounters we experience as civilians vary from those that a law enforcement officer or solider may experience. Therefore our response need to vary. Our rules for engagement and legal protections aren’t the same. So when we are training we need to ensure our training answers what is likely to occur in a civilian defensive gun use.

A rack of tactical shotguns at a training class.

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Reality Based Civilian Training

Our training courses are based upon studies of thousands of civilian use of force encounters. This reality based approach ensures our students are training and prepared for the real world. When civilians are attacked, it is very often incredibly fast and exceedingly violent. We will help you be better prepared to defend yourself and those you love.

Tactical Training Near Chicago

Since 2013, Alpha Koncepts has been located in Chicago-land and has been offering our courses at multiple shooting ranges in the area. We’ve forged partnerships with several Chicago area shooting ranges including the Aurora Sportsman’s Club as well as Article II and others. We offer our classes year-round on indoor and outdoor facilities. Check our calendar, if you’re looking for tactical training near Chicago or contact us to host a class.

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