The American Red Cross has outstanding medical training curricula, and that’s why we have partnered to offer Red Cross Classes in Chicago. Learning to save lives, that’s what these Red Cross classes are all about, and that’s why Alpha Koncepts has become a Red Cross Licensed Training Provider. With our team of Red Cross certified Instructors, we are bringing the Chicago area a large variety of medical training classes.

The Red Cross has a variety of classes that are designed for the beginner to the medical professional and everyone in between. We have decided to offer these life-saving classes to the average person. Basic First Aid, CPR, Advanced First Aid. These classes will make Chicago a safer place.

First Aid Training

CPR Instrutor and trainee applying pressure to training aid.

Whether you take an instructor-led class or take advantage of a blended learning experience, which combines online coursework with instructor-led training, you’ll learn from some of the best in the industry. Knowledgeable, understanding, and able to deliver information suited to a wide range of learning styles. Alpha Koncepts Instructors are American Red Cross first aid instructors and will help ensure that you not only understand the steps for performing first aid but that you have the confidence and skills necessary to perform them correctly.

First aid training prepares you to provide care to both children and adults during times of crisis. However, like many things, if you don’t use your skills frequently, they’re easy to forget. That’s why, when you take our first aid certification classes through Alpha Koncepts, we will provide you free online access to the Red Cross first aid refreshers and a printable list of the basic steps for performing first aid. This way, you can practice your skills regularly, and keep reminders in the places you might need them most, like in the first aid kit in your car, home, work, or range bag.

Alpha Koncepts offers American Red Cross classes conveniently located in the Chicago area with free parking and other amenities for your comfort.

CPR Training

Student in the classroom applying pressure to a Redcross CPR Mannequin chest.

American Red Cross CPR classes are designed for the way you live and learn. With options available on weekdays and weekends, plus online, instructor-led, and blended learning course formats, you can get the CPR training you need on your schedule. And with world-class instruction, no matter which type of course you take, you’ll gain the skills and confidence necessary to perform this life-saving procedure when it’s needed most.

When it comes to CPR, it’s important to know how to treat both kids and adults. That’s why, unless you sign up for a class that focuses on one population, our CPR training covers the procedures/steps for caring for adults, as well as children. Although we will prepare you to deliver care when it’s needed most, the truth is, if you don’t use your skills regularly, you’re likely to lose them. So, to help prevent or mitigate the loss of your CPR skills Alpha Koncepts provides you with online refresher materials from the Red Cross that can help you retain the knowledge you’ve gained. In addition, we also provide you with access to a printable list of the basic steps for performing CPR. This way, you can keep the information you need right at your fingertips.

First Aid for Severe Trauma (FAST)

Image of a child with a bleeding arm and adult applying a tourniquet.

A person can die from severe blood loss in less than 5 minutes. Would you know what to do if faced with a life-threatening bleeding emergency?

Learn bleeding control skills with First Aid for Severe Trauma (FAST), a national STOP THE BLEED® course from the American Red Cross. This FAST is available for anyone including high school students.

You can save a life: Preparing for bleeding emergencies; recognizing that a bleeding emergency exists; emergency action steps; deciding to act in an emergency. Safety in emergencies: Keeping yourself safe in an emergency; helping others to safety; violent situations. Communicating in emergencies: Communication basics; communicating with others at an emergency scene; communicating with the emergency dispatcher. Caring for a person with life-threatening bleeding: Using pressure to stop bleeding; applying direct pressure; using a tourniquet; after the bleeding stops.

AED Training

CPR Student in the classroom working on a Mannequin

The American Red Cross delivers best-in-class training online or in the Alpha Koncepts classroom. With instructors who have the latest science-backed information, as well as the knowledge and skills needed to teach you how to save a life – no matter what your learning style maybe – we can help you receive AED certification, as well as the confidence to provide care when it’s needed most.

Being able to provide help to anyone at any time is a powerful thing. That’s why Red Cross AED classes are designed to teach you how to use an automated external defibrillator on both kids and adults. This way, you can provide care – no matter where you are or who the “patient” may be. Unfortunately, unless you take action to retain your skills, you’re likely to forget how and when to use an AED. So, to help you stay prepared Alpha Koncepts will provide you with online refresher materials that allow you to test your skills as often as you’d like. We also provide you with access to a printable list of the basic steps for using an AED that you can keep at your desk, in your first aid kit, and more – and review them at any time.

Our Red Cross classes are conveniently scheduled to fit your schedule. We offer our classes just outside of Chicago on weekdays and on weekends.

Wilderness and Remote First Aid

Designed for scouts, scout leaders, hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone who works or spends time in remote environments, this course teaches advanced skills to be used in emergencies when help from professional first responders may be far away. Based on the Boy Scouts of America Wilderness First Aid Curriculum and Doctrine Guidelines, this course aligns with OSHA’s Best Practices for Workplace First Aid Training Programs.

Topics of discussion in the Wilderness and Remote First Aid class include Primary and Secondary Assessments of injured persons, Head/Brain, Neck, and Spinal Injuries, Heat-Related Emergencies, Hypothermia, Altitude-Related Illnesses, Allergies and Anaphylaxis, Burns, Bone, and Joint Injuries, and Wounds and Wound Infection. Treatment for these issues can make the difference between life and death in a wilderness environment.

About Alpha Koncepts and the American Red Cross

The American Red Cross was founded in 1881 and Alpha Koncepts was founded in 2013. Both organizations have a rich reputation for providing top-notch training to the public. For this reason, Alpha Koncepts partnered with the American Red Cross to become a Licensed Training Provider and is quickly growing to become one of the best Red Cross Training Providers around Chicago. Alpha Koncepts achieves this by offering all of our student’s free parking, unlike the Red Cross Chicago Regional Headquarters at 2200 Harrison. We also offer our students flexible scheduling on weekdays and weekends, which minimizes the disruption to your personal life. Also, unlike most Red Cross providers, Alpha Koncepts offers a variety of other training classes with a strong emphasis on safety and personal defense.

Accidents and Emergencies in Chicago

Chicago is a large city and there is no doubt in a city of this size that there are accidents and emergencies happening throughout Chicago every single minute of every single day. When we take a look at these statistics, it becomes incredibly apparent why Red Cross training in Chicago is an absolute must for anyone and everyone.

The average response time for EMS in Chicago is greater than 7 minutes, and can sometimes take upwards of 30 minutes for an ambulance to arrive. If a person has life threatening bleeding they can die in less than 5 minutes. This is why a class like FAST becomes so important. Also treatment for a stroke is very time sensitive, as some medications are time sensitive. We need to be able to immediately diagnose and provide the basic treatment until help does arrive.

The Illinois Department of Transportation releases reports about auto accident statistics. Fatalities are on the rise. It is possible some of these fatalities could be mitigated with the presence of tourniquets and properly trained first aid responders. There were 361 fatalities in Cook County in 2020, an 18% increase from 2019. There were 319,000 traffic accidents in Illinois in 2018 which caused over 94,000 injuries.

Chicago has a history of being a violent city. There were 458 homicides in 2020, and 1901 others injured in violent attacks. In 2021 the numbers grew to 477 homicides and 2116 others injured in violent attacks in Chicago. We’ve got to be prepared to not only defend ourselves but also deal with the immediate effects of a violent attack which likely will include some level of first aid.

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