With the belief that the right to keep and bear arms is the right for all, including the poor and working class; Since the passage of FCCL in Illinois in 2013, Alpha Koncepts has been offering no interest financing on our 8 or 16 hour concealed carry training classes.  There is no doubt that the training fees in addition to the application fees can make the idea of legally carrying a concealed firearm more of a dream than a reality to some. We’d like to change that.

Here is how No Interest Financing on Illinois FCCL Classes works…

  • We do ask for a small deposit to reserve you seat in the classroom.  This $25 deposit is payable non-refundable.
  • You will not be able to use the standard registration form to sign up for a FCCL class, because the standard registration form requires full payment up front. Instead please use the contact form and we’ll reply with all the details.
  • When you arrive at class you will be presented with a promissory note basically stating that you agree to pay us any monies due.
  • You will be responsible to provide your own ammunition.
  • Range fees may sometimes be bundled into the promissory note.
  • Your certification of completion (necessary to apply for your FCCL) will be withheld until final payment has been received.
  • That’s it!

Please contact us today if you wish to take advantage of this No Interest Financing on Illinois FCCL Classes deal.

Learn more about the Alpha Koncepts Illinois Concealed Carry Training Class.

We have had students ask if they need to apply for their Illinois Concealed Carry License immediately. This question carries even more importance when you are taking several weeks or maybe several months to pay down the training fees and save enough for the application fee ($150 application fee).  The short answer is training certificates currently do NOT expire. However this is a confusing topic, because the Illinois State Police did send out a packet of proposed rules to instructors stating that training certificates would expire. Instructors were not informed that these rules were not binding, therefore many instructors have taken these proposed rules at face value.  These proposed rules were sent prematurely and were never approved by the Illinois Secretary of State JCAR. One should be aware that while currently training certificates do not expire, they may expire in the future as the rules have and will continue to evolve.

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