You’ve got your AR15, AK47, or other semi-automatic defensive rifle, now it’s time to learn how to use it in the Defensive Rifle Training Course.

AR15 Student in Training

What You’ll Learn in the Defensive Rifle Training course…

  • Zeroes and Holds – where and how to aim!
  • Rifle Shooting Positions.
  • Accessories for a Defensive Rifle.
  • Controlling and Operating your platform.
  • Different Reloading Techniques.
  • and more!

You’ve selected a rifle for home defense, or maybe you carry a rifle for duty. This course will physically prepare you to operate your rifle intuitively in a defensive situation.

This training course is conducted 100% on the range in a live-fire environment. Through manipulation and repetition, you’ll be able to run your defensive rifle unconsciously in a high-stress situation.

Whether the wild animal has two legs or four, a Defensive Rifle may be the difference between surviving a violent home invasion, or an attack on your land. Learning to use your preferred platform under stress is so vital.

AR15 Defensive Rifle being fired in the course.

Additional Topics Covered in this Course

  • Use of a Sling.
  • Recoil Control while Rapid Firing.
  • Shot Placement, on Near and Far Targets.
  • Multiple Target Transitions.
  • Shooting under Stress.
  • Clearing Malfunctions.
  • and more!

It’s time to Prove Your Gear! With so many options and accessories available on the market, it’s time to learn how to work that gear, and if the gear actually works for you. This course is one of the best opportunities you’ll get to see if your gear will perform in the way that you expect it will. Check our Training Calendar for dates and times.

Shoot More Confidently

Gain confidence in your shooting ability while training under the watchful eye of our certified rifle instructors.

Train for the Real World

As with all of our Defensive Shooting programs, the skills and drills are based on real-life civilian encounters so that you are better prepared to defend yourself against the probable.

Be a More Capable Shooter

You’ll learn new skills and reinforce the skills you already possess through the repetition of various rifle shooting drills.

The Gear You’ll Need

  • A semiautomatic defensive rifle, preferably with a detachable magazine.
  • At least one (or more) spare magazines.
  • A sling (single-point or two-point slings are ok).
  • Eye and Ear Protection.

Did you find your class? If not, additional classes, dates and time can be found on our event calendar.

More Defensive Rifle Course Dates Coming Soon

We are working with our partners to schedule class dates for our Defensive Rifle training. To stay up to date and ensure your spot in our next Defensive Rifle Course, sign up for our mailing list or contact us to host us for a Defensive Rifle course!

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