Think Like the Winner… Be Alpha

What does it mean to be Alpha? To be Alpha means to think like the winner. When confronted in a high-stress situation, do you fight, flight or freeze? When the circumstances present themselves, how will you react?


Often, the thought of an “Alpha” makes one think of a predator, preying on the weak. Often times when we hear about “alpha” we think of a lion, bear or even a wolf mindlessly killing. However, that is not at all what it means to be Alpha.  Instead think about the parent, the provider, that will do what ever it takes to protect his or her family, that will do what ever it takes to provide for his or her family, that will do what ever it takes to nurture his or her family. That is what it means to be Alpha!


When you are truly Alpha, you are thinking like the winner. In a situation when your life may be in danger you are resigned to do what ever it takes to ensure your survival, to ensure the survival of those people whom you love, care for, provide for and indeed nurture. When you have decided that your survival is all that matters and that you will fight to protect yourself with your last ounce of energy and to your last breath if necessary; that’s what it means to be Alpha.


Your Mind is your Most Valuable Tool… Be armed. Be trained. be Alpha.


About the Author

Thomas Kral is the chief firearm instructor for Alpha Koncepts Firearm Training and has been instructing students on the safe and efficient use of a firearm since 2013. Thomas has numerous firearm industry certifications including instructor credentials from the United States Concealed Carry Association, the National Rifle Association, Next Level Defense, Ultimate Training Munitions, and The American Gunsmithing Institute.

Thomas Kral is also the founder of a gun rights organization, GunRights4Illinois. Founded in 2014, GunRights4Illinois is blossoming into a no-compromise gun rights organization enabling Illinois gun owners to fight for their rights.

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