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Should you look at your holster when reholstering?

At some point in time, if you have drawn your firearm from its’ holster, you are going to need to reinsert the firearm back into its’ holster. In comes one of those controversies the internet loves to argue about. Should you or should you not look at your holster when reholstering?

Can I shoot if ___?

“When can I shoot?” or “Can I shoot if?” This is what I refer to as the “What if” game. As a concealed carry instructor it is inevitable a student will ask, “Can I shoot…” followed by some random scenario that has maybe happened to them or they may have seen on recent media. The…

gun bulge image from lucky gunner.

Giveaways Other People Know You Are Carrying

There are things you can do to give away the secret that you are carrying a concealed firearm. With some people, it’s actually quite obvious that you are attempting to conceal a gun. One of the major advantages of concealed carry is that nobody knows that you are carrying.   So, how can other people…