We’re used to the one-handed operation of countless folding knives. And we’re greatly appreciative of these and other excellent tools that can be brought to bear on a task with only one hand. But there’s still innovation to be realized. And there always will be. CRKT’s Bivy takes a shot at making a multi-tool more …

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Travel Smart

Summer vacation time is coming, and many of us will be traveling. So it’s a good time to remind ourselves that whenever we venture outside of our home states with our firearms, we expose ourselves to a multitude of laws, regulations, and even local city ordinances. Whether we intend to carry a handgun or merely …

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Concealed Carry Objections by Law Enforcement

What to Say to 911 After a Self-Defense Incident

If you’re ever involved in a self-defense incident, you need to know what to say during your 911 call. In this week’s “Ask an Attorney” video, criminal defense attorney Tom Grieve answers this frequently asked question from responsible gun owners: “What am I supposed to say on my call to 911 if I’m ever involved …

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