Month: January 2020

gun bulge image from lucky gunner.

Giveaways Other People Know You Are Carrying

There are things you can do to give away the secret that you are carrying a concealed firearm. With some people, it’s actually quite obvious that you are attempting to conceal a gun. One of the major advantages of concealed carry is that nobody knows that you are carrying. So, how can other people know…

home invasion what would you do

Stand Your Ground and Castle Doctrine during Home Invasion Scenar

Illinois law doesn’t contain language for “Stand your Ground”, nor for “Castle Doctrine. Illinois has Justified Use of Force Exhortation and case law to back of the interpretations of that law. In the below video, the USCCA attorney discusses Stand Your Ground and Castle Doctrine during a home invasion. In the Alpha Koncepts concealed carry…

Recreational Marijuana

Concealed Firearms and Marijuana in Illinois

Illinois has legalized marijuana and caused many questions for concealed carry licensees in Illinois. Can I carry a concealed firearm while under the influence of marijuana? How much marijuana may I transport while carrying a concealed firearm? Will Marijuana use void my Illinois Concealed Carry License? As you may recall from your concealed carry license…