How Many Rounds Should I Carry

How Many Rounds Should I Carry?

It’s a common question I get in my classes or on the internet. How many rounds should I carry? Or put into other words, what capacity or how many bullets? We can’t really answer this question until we address how many rounds it takes to stop a threat. Remember you don’t get to answer that…


As you know, a LOT of people care about protecting their families, but they simply don’t want to carry concealed every day. As president and founder of the USCCA, I questioned how I could still provide those folks with value and insight on how to better protect their homes and loved ones. The answer to…

Tennessee Handgun Permit

Tennessee Online Handgun Carry Permit Class

Tennessee now allows people to complete their training online for their handgun carry permit. In reaction, the USCCA has developed the Tennessee Online Handgun Carry Permit class. This e-learning module allows the student to learn at their own pace from the convenience of their home, the bus, their place of work, or anywhere with an…