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Illinois Concealed Carry License Renewal Class. 2 dates scheduled for your convenience. Learn more and sign up here: https://www.alphakoncepts.com/concealed-carry-license-renewal-class/

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Defensive Pistol

Become a master of your handgun. Get out of the booth and learn to shoot on the move, to draw from your holster and fire, to fire rapid multiple shots, and more.  Students of Alpha Koncepts Defensive Pistol become unconsciously competent with their handguns, meaning the use and operation becomes second nature. 


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A violation of a gun free zone in Illinois does carry the force of law in Illinois. Your best course of action is to avoid gun free zones.
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The Illinois Concealed Carry License is one of the highest cost concealed carry licenses in the Nation. The fees for the concealed carry licenses were set...
Is my Lost Illinois Concealed Carry License Still Valid?
If you have lost your Illinois Concealed Carry License, it can be a stressful time. But, will your License remain valid while waiting for your replacement?
Do I have to carry my FOID and my Concealed Carry License?
Do I have to carry my FOID and my Concealed Carry License? When Concealed carry became law in Illinois it was a requirement to carry both, but...
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