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We ARE approved to offer Illinois Concealed Carry training by the Illinois State Police. As of September 30th, 2013, Alpha Koncepts has trained thousands of very satisfied students on the practice of legally carrying a concealed firearm.

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With Alpha Koncepts get Three Concealed Carry classes for the price of One!  Illinois, Florida & Arizona! Contact us for more information about the 3 for 1 concealed carry deal.

Illinois Concealed Carry Training $149.00

Illinois Concealed Carry Training $149.00

Illinois Concealed Carry Class FAQ

No. While some instructors will require students to have their own gun to take the class, Alpha Koncepts understands many students are new to the gun world. Therefore we include a segment in our class about how to purchase the right gun for you and will gladly rent handguns to our students to use for class.
No. While some instructors do require students have a FOID card to take the Illinois Concealed Carry Licensing class, Alpha Koncepts will allow students to attend without a FOID card. In fact if you do not already have a FOID card, we recommend you apply for one at the same time as your concealed carry license, but not sooner. We shall discuss how to apply in class.
Class dates can be found on the Alpha Koncepts calendar or you may contact us to speak to one of the staff.
While some other instructors charge additional range fees, Alpha Koncepts usually includes the range fee. Check the individual calendar listing to be sure! Your state application fee(s) are not included. These fees are paid directly to the state. Finger prints are optional for the Illinois concealed carry license application and therefore are not included. Most students do not get finger printed for the Illinois license. Students will be required to provide ammunition and firearms, or may also rent them.
Finger prints are optional and not a requirement of the Illinois Concealed Carry License, but are for Florida and Arizona. However students may choose to have their finger prints taken for Illinois. This shall be discussed in class. More information can be read here. Are finger prints required for an Illinois Concealed Carry License?
Please contact the Alpha Koncepts staff with any questions. Contact Us!

Illinois Concealed Carry Training Class to obtain your Concealed Carry License in Illinois.  This minimum 8 hour Training classes will include…

  • All applicable State and Federal laws relating to the ownership, storage, carry, and transportation of a firearm.
  • Firearm Handling, including dry fire, drawing from concealment, and live fire.
  • Live fire qualification with a concealable firearm consisting of minimum of 30 rounds at varied distances.
  • Minimum 7 hours class room and 1 hour range time.

The typical student will require 16 hours of training before they may apply for their Illinois Concealed Carry license. However, some students may receive up to 8 hours of credit for prior training, as allowed by the Illinois State Police. Contact Alpha Koncepts with question.



Man Drawing Firearm from Concealed Carry Holster

Man Drawing Firearm from Concealed Carry Holster

Topics of discussion during classes include…

  • Firearm safety rules.
  • Storage of a firearm.
  • Shooting basics including stance, grip, sight picture, sight alignment, trigger control, breath control, eye dominance etc…
  • Care, cleaning and identification of a firearm and ammunition.
  • Selecting a firearm based on use, fit, and features.
  • State laws as they pertain to firearm transportation, buying and selling, and most importantly justifiable use of force.
  • State laws as they pertain to carrying of a concealed firearm, officer interaction while carrying, and where you may not carry.
  • Etiquette while carrying of a concealed firearm.
  • Mental Preparedness and proper mindset to for concealed carry.
  • Aftermath after an incident requiring justified use of force.
  • Additional resources to learn and grow in the the concealed lifestyle.


Questions about Illinois Concealed Carry? Please read our Frequently Asked Concealed Firearm Questions authored by our expert instructors. This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is on going and evolving as issues arise with the fairly new Illinois Concealed Carry practice, and covers topics from license qualifications, training questions, how to apply, and what to do after receiving your Illinois Concealed Carry License. Read the Frequently Asked Concealed Firearm Questions now.

We are scheduling Illinois Concealed Carry training classes NOW! Check the calendar for dates and times or learn more about Private Groups.

students qualifying for their concealed carry license

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We offer Illinois Concealed Carry training classes in and around the Chicago area. Contact us for more information, or check our calendar for upcoming events.

Alpha Koncepts has instructed the Illinois Concealed carry class to students of the following Illinois towns and villages:

Chicago, Niles, Glenview, Park Ridge, Des Plaines, Morton Grove, Prospect Heights, Skokie, Lincolnwood, Evanston, Northbrook, Deerfield, Glencoe, Highland Park, Lake Forest, Mount Prospect, Arlington Heights, Norridge, Harwood Heights,


*Pricing does not include application fees or fingerprints. Finger prints are optional for Illinois. Range fees and ammunition may be additional.