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Hanks Steel Core Belt Concealed Carry Gear

Gear Review: Hanks Steel Core Concealed Carry Belt ACH104BLK

It was only a few short years ago that I thought concealed carry belts were mostly a gimmick. However the Hanks Steel Core Concealed Carry Belt has changed my mind! If you recall the review I did for the Versacarry concealed carry belt, it wasn’t very favorable to the idea of a dedicated “gun belt”. However, I have certainly come full circle on the idea.

Best concealed carry gun

What is the best gun for concealed carry?

Choosing a firearm based on price is probably a good way to waste some money. The best gun for concealed carry is the one that fits you. There are no one size fits all firearms so if a Glock fits you it may not fit your friend.  Obviously budget is important and the gun you have is better than the top tier firearm in the case at the gun store because you cannot afford it, but whenever possible budget should be set aside when selecting a firearm because there are so many more important criteria.…