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Hanks Steel Core Belt Concealed Carry Gear

Gear Review: Hanks Steel Core Concealed Carry Belt ACH104BLK

It was only a few short years ago that I thought concealed carry belts were mostly a gimmick. However the Hanks Steel Core Concealed Carry Belt has changed my mind! If you recall the review I did for the Versacarry concealed carry belt, it wasn’t very favorable to the idea of a dedicated “gun belt”. However, I have certainly come full circle on the idea.


Gear Review: Stealth Tac Handgun Hanger Safe STL-HH-SAFE

Part of the responsibility of being a law abiding gun owner is ensuring that your firearms do not fall into the hands of “unauthorized persons”. While the term, unauthorized persons, may mean something different to different people.  If you have family and friends visiting your house, storing your firearms (not in use) in a secure location is important.…

Versacarry Single Ply Leather Belt Brown

Review: Versacarry Single Ply Leather Belt for Concealed Carry

On a mission to prove or disprove the controversy of belts specifically designed for concealed carry, I tested the Versacarry Single Ply Leather Belt for concealed carry. While there are no one size fits all solutions when it comes to anything as it relates to firearms or concealed carry, should you consider the Versacarry Concealed Carry Belt as part of your every day carry?